SickFace: Anti Sickness Edition

The pandemic is getting worse, we are giving out free facemasks with any order of clothing.


 As the pandemic is showing no signs of disappearance, we've decided to once again launch a collection of face masks to help you protect yourself better.

 Since you probably don’t plan anything like staying indoors for the next year or two, it is best to venture outside responsibly.We were sending our free face masks since April, until there were none left. They are 100% Czech product, and have a pocket with changeable filter. If you wash your mask often and change the filter afterwards, you’ll increase effectiveness of it drastically.

As our Sick Face logo is printed on masks, you don’t have to worry about the social distancing anymore, as this subtle cue swiftly eliminates anyone who would otherwise cling to you in a public place of your choice.

 If you missed our SickFace face mask, or if you just want to have more face masks on hand, rejoice! Our face masks are waiting for you and can’t wait to be acquaintanced with your gorgeous faces. We hope things will be back to normal soon, so please stay safe.

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