SickFace: Are you winning?

 We present a giveaway to cheer you up in these trying times!


 With each new SickFace fashion collection we feature a giveaway with a chance to win new SickFace threads, and you don’t have to worry – there won’t be an exception this year. During these trying times a poor unfortunate soul needs a little prospect of future happiness – and to get some sick gear without an otherwise necessary transaction definitely counts.

 We carefully selected a T-shirt found both in Women's T-shirts and in menswear section, therefore our new giveaway is relevant for any human being able to fit in clothing up to size 3XL, which, as we dare to say, should cover our entire sick fanbase. Our SickFace new collection T-shirts are made from quality materials, print is top notch as well, and for anyone who wandered on our site for the first time, out tees are famous for their devilishly detailed designs, brainchildren of a top tier Czech artists – are you tuned in yet?

 Our giveaway piece is metal and stylish Forest Doom design, designed by a talented tattoo artist Michal Hladík. You’ve probably already seen his occult creations from our past collections, for our new Sick Fans we recommend to catch up in our Men's T-shirts section, where you can admire or buy them all you wish. You can also find the Forest Doom occult design in Men's Hoodies & Sweatshirts category, but don’t be fooled – our hoodies are 100% unisex so they are absolutely wearable for any stylish metal chick as well.

Lady in a SickFace unisex hoodie
Lady in a SickFace snapback and hoodie

 We are going to select two winners (on Instagram and on Facebook) via randomizer, you can find rules on the giveaway post on there – or on this blogpost below. Results will be released on the 1st Nov, good luck!

Sickface giveaway rules

Giveaway rules for Facebook

▪Share the giveaway post
▪Follow our FB page
▪Like the giveaway post
▪Tag 2 friends in that post
▪Invite friends to follow our page
SickFace giveaway rules

Giveaway rules for Instagram

▪Share the giveaway post in your stories
▪Follow our IG page
▪Like the giveaway post
▪Tag 2 friends in that post
▪Optional bonus vote: Take a pic in your SickFace gear with the hashtag #sickfacefashion until 31.10.

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