SickFace: Fashion in the Time of Corona

A short story about how we released our spring collection in autumn.

  We’ve been dreaming about the new SickFace collection for a while, so it was about time to actually go and make it happen. As we already released a lot of satanist designs, we felt like moving onto scenery of different religions to tap into. Honestly, Christian (and anti-Christian!) imagery is fun, but it would be such a waste to limit ourselves when other religions offer so much. Demons, idols, concepts, you name it. This time, we tried to capture elements from Judaism, Hinduism, Haitian Vodou and Japanese folklore demons yokai – and that’s not all. Both our veteran artists and new faces we invited were stoked about new concept and it shows when you look at finished designs.

 To match the high-quality artwork, step-up in clothing was the next step. We decided to take our cotton tags away and replace them with logo rubber brands. Printed logo necktapes were added to T-shirts and new snapbacks have logo-printed tape on the inner seams. In our new catalogue are brand new Men's Jackets, and also a very first messenger bag for our SickFace brand. As for accessories, Enamel Pins with occult designs were the way to go.

 Since we already knew that the production isn’t done overnight, we made sure to get everything ready on time. We’ve succeeded – or so we thought. An unfortunate even struck not only us, but everyone else as well, and that unfortunate event was named Corona. This put a stop to our plans for about a half-year.

However, all bad things must end, and restrictions were finally relaxed to the point we were able to make our new collection. Also, we were able to celebrate at our grand release party which was the best one yet, so in the end, our New Collection got to you and that’s all that matters!

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