SickFace: Release Party 2022

Report from our latest release party!

 Another year has passed, and we have a report for you from our latest release party. The date d was on 28th August, Thursday, and as usual, our event took place at the Wombat Café.

 We are grateful you guys were able to come even despite the dreadful weather, since it was plaguing us with sudden heavy downpours all evening. We had a great time with you, brave folks undeterred by any such misfortune, and it is amazing that some of you manage to stay past midnight, as our brand focuses on fashion and not on a party business!

 Highlights of our collection were designs by Vladimír Hirscher and Tomáš Motal, and you can look forward to interviews with these amazing artists soon. You can check and buy our New Collection on our site, just check hyperlink or upper border of our site.

 You can look at photos from the event below, our photographer this time was Agience, skilled veteran of show and documentary photography. You can find the full set at our socials, look if you can find yourself there too!

 See you next time!


Sick Fans in a queue.
SickFace store pop up.
Busy bartender.
SickFace gear.
Lady and a doggy.
Store pop-up.

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