SickFace: Ding Dong the 2020 is Dead!

 We’ve followed 2020 to its bitter end, but honestly, it had its bright moments!


 Maybe you’ve noticed that a majority of your friends, enemies and acquaintances are recollecting their 2020 experience. No worries, you can’t avoid it here as well! Honestly, only thanks to you and you only we were able to overcome trials and tribulations of this hellish year, so we want to express our gratitude. No matter if you visited our release party, ordered some SICK gear or just visit our social media, you have our utmost thanks.

 Only thanks to your support we released our biggest New Collection yet in these trying times. We’ve collaborated with our veteran illustrators and new faces as well, and in addition to our usual goth T-shirts and headwear we pushed out brand new Men’s Jackets, bags and other dark materials which vastly enriched our witchy SickFace repertoire. We even have our own craft beer thanks to the Crazy Clown Brewery!

 Even though pandemic is probably not stopping any time soon, we are not stopping either. We already have a new collection lined down, something a little bit different than what you are used to from us, but no worries! Our new stuff is going to be pretty awesome! Also, we are still giving out free face masks, and we are going to do this for as long as needed. We believe in considerate people, and considerate behavior should make things better. Otherwise, we all just die, and then we won’t care anymore, so we have a win/win situation here, cheer up guys!

 We wish you the best for the upcoming year, and hope you’ll stay tuned for the next time!

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