SickFace: Welcome to Hell!

 How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Apocalypse!


 World affairs aren’t getting better any time soon, but fret not! Things could be so much worse after all. Just see Reznik’s dark vision of future in his song Traumaplan from his same-named new EP. Authentic visuals from Detroit periphery complete the bleak extravaganza:


What you are also certain to notice is Reznik’s SICK gear, namely our occult Forest Doom Hoodie and Evil Moon Snapback. Since the apocalypse is unavoidable by now, we can at least look smashing, right? Therefore, we offer a unique promo code TRAUMA15.

 Using our promo code TRAUMA15 means a whopping 15% would be deducted from your order, but we hope you should understand that even without us telling you. Promo code will be valid until the LP and EP release, which is the end of March 2021. You have a bit of time to decide which occult thread you fancy the most!

 As we promised in our last blogpost, you can expect new gear soon-ish, we certainly would love to drop the new collection ASAP! In the best scenario we would be able to host a release party again, the last one was amazing and we still think about it fondly.

 We hope you are pulling through and hope our promo code TRAUMA15 will improve your spirits. Keep going guys!

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